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How can I relive and share the memories of a loved one online with others?

How can I remember a date of passing with virtual flowers and candles even if from far away?

How can I organize meetings, prayers and group memorials to honor those who have passed?

The answer is MemoriesNow! From November 2, 2021, you can download the MemoriesNow app and keep the memory of the dearly departed alive. Just a few simple steps to create an account on all types of devices; stay in touch with relatives, friends and acquaintances even if far removed from the final resting place.

Virtual rooms, posts, articles, photos, flowers and candles can also be shared on Facebook to increase the visibility of the memorial. The great frontier of the internet offers you the chance to create a space for reflection full of memories and condolences in honor of the defunct.

By sharing the anniversary of a death online, a large number of people will be able to perpetuate the memory of the dearly departed. Messages, notes, newspaper articles, photographs, gestures of affection are available in one click. Helping those far away follow the story of the dearly departed lets everyone say goodbye together.


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MemoriesNow: never forget

After the funeral is over, how do we prolong the memory with the MemoriesNow App?

Download the app on your telephone, PC, or tablet. Create a commemorative, virtual room where you can remember the departed through holding meetings, lay or religious celebrations and messages for the departed. If you, like many others, consider pets part of the family, you can remember it forever in the posts on MemoriesNow and share it across social networks. The online celebration of a loved one’s death is a great way to get the family back together, people far away and those that do not have a lot of time. No loved one will be exempted from taking part in virtual tributes and keeping the memories alive.

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MemoriesNow: posthumous messages

Thinking of our own death can seem like a difficult task, with the MemoriesNow app, you will be able to build the memory of yourself!

Make a personal story a forever story with photos, messages, announcements and surprises will have a strong impact on the participants of the posthumous celebration. If you’d like to keep important things alive in your loved one’s lives, you will be able to record posthumous messages and announcements, which will be read, and listened to by those who YOU decide to, invite to your last place of rest. Tears dry, flowers wither but a lasting commemoration through the MemoriesNow app will accompany you to the other side, a collective ritual to share with those who will never stop loving you.

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MemoriesNow: organizing the funeral

How can the MemoriesNow app be useful in organizing a funeral?

It can help you tremendously, without a doubt, if you want the funeral celebration to be perfect! ! It is important that those invited to the event, be able to divulge information quickly, sharing the contents of your virtual room across social media. The MemoriesNow app contains a geolocalizing function with which friends and family can easily find the exact place where the burial will take place.

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MemoriesNow: a memory bequeathment

How do you want to be remembered? 
Do you feel the need for a loved one to leave an indelible emotional heredity?

I was here, I was important to someone, I existed, and I loved and was loved in return: these are the sentiments that make people immortal in their virtual MemoriesNow rooms.

Global change has made how we perceive grief funerals and the way in which we communicate the passing of a loved one or pet. Digital technology in commemorating the deceased by using the MemoriesNow app will help families to plan lay and religious ceremonies, events, reunions with friends and family in order to keep the memory of a loved one alive.

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MemoriesNow: virtual cemetery for pets

The commemoration of the departed on the MemoriesNow app offers a big space in which you can honor the memory of dogs and cats who lived by your side for such a long time. Animal lovers know that they treasure every moment of their lives spent with their four legged friends of many adventures.

Keep their memory alive by paying homage to them after death. This helps the owner to elaborate the grief period and slowly accept the loss. The MemoriesNow virtual room plays the role of a virtual cemetery, warm and inviting, but respectful of the pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge. By creating an account on the platform, you can share the greatest photos of happy moments, memes, write nostalgic thoughts and receive condolence messages filled with warmth.

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MemoriesNow: last wishes

If you are one of those people who has developed a higher consciousness on the theme of death, you will find it a good idea to write your last wishes in the MemoriesNow virtual room and tag only those people who are directly affected by the message.

The MemoriesNow app will help you to clarify sentimental and logistic sentiments, which seem impossible to deal with after death. Simplifying the procedure, something that is often too shocking after death, is an act of extreme love which only a few are able to put into practice.

All you need is a click to download the MemoriesNow app, leaving your admonishments with written letters and reflections in the virtual room, which is another memorial to share with your loved ones.

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